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If you are one of those who enjoy staying in the kitchen, it is very likely that you also share our taste for current spaces, and of course “exquisite”, and you consider how to make your kitchen comfortable and functional, while maintaining aesthetic balance.
That is why today we want to share with you this wonderful setting of one of our clients, where distinction and taste have been able to combine perfectly to create this kitchen. Visually clean, it is an organized and very comfortable space, where design and good work shine equally.

Has been selected for this installation upholstered stool 7279 by Soluciones Contrac. An upholstered stool with a timeless design that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room, a space where you can enjoy comfortably.

The choice of a contract stool will provide your kitchens with a spectacular design, a wide range of finishes and colors, apart from great durability. Tell you that the contract upholstery is vastly superior to the home line as they are designed for intense use and easy dry cleaning.

ref. taburete TM7279

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