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Here we leave you an idea of ​​space management that will surely be very interesting for you. If you have thought that your file is a dark and boring place, read carefully.

How to turn my file into a coffee room without losing storage space?


Reforma coffe break


You should pay attention to 3 fundamental aspects;


First the Lighting and ventilation:

As they are rooms intended for document management, we recommend the use of abundant cold light. We will look for the sensation of natural light. Do not forget to install a small air renewal through an extractor, in case we do not have windows.

Optimize your distribution;

To house a rest space we must have a feeling of spaciousness. Some idea to try to improve this aspect, may be the installation of a sliding door, which allows us to gain interior opening space. If possible, increasing the height of the room, eliminating or raising the false ceiling, considerably improves the feeling of spaciousness apart from allowing more storage.


Thinking of a central aisle is always very useful for filing on both sides. From here you should already choose the type of filing cabinet that best suits your needs. We can recommend GUIALMI, which apart from the incredible design that it provides in everything it does, presents great quality and price.

In our case we have chosen to install a modular AZ shelf up to the ceiling, which allows us great storage. Faced with this shelf, the rest and coffee area is arranged; Composed of Bellow base cabinets by Guialmi, these are monoblock cabinets that will serve as the basis for making a wonderful support bar that is the star of our coffee break.   We recommend installing a small sink that will give autonomy to the room.

..and of course …. PEDRALI RUBIK H64, is the invisible pedrali stool that with its transparent aesthetics and elegant design, will fit perfectly into your composition. Simply Great!

Of course, apart from a good idea, you should choose the best professionals, OUR THANKS TO THE URESPA REFORM COMPANY. Thanks Ariadna!


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